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Treadmill Desks

Treadmill Desks

Walk your way to a healthier workday.

A treadmill desk is revolutionary office furniture and exercise equipment that promotes movement throughout the day. Incorporate treadmill walking desk in your corporate office to your home office and create a flexible, active and healthy workplace. You will experience walking on the treadmill while performing office task is easy and you can burn some calories at same time, all while benefiting your health and wellness.

All-in-one treadmill desk also severs as an exercise desk for exercise walking. Exercise walking for better back health and low back pain relief is one way to benefit from regular exercise while not aggravating the structures in the low back.

The office treadmill desk is offered in combination with a manual height adjustable desk or electric height adjustment desks, or the under desk walking treadmill base can be paired with an existing standing desk.

Shop online or call 773-596-5625 - Healthy Posture store, Chicago metropolitan area, a top specialty retailer to take a test walk on treadmill desk today!

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