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Standing Desks

Power Adjustable Height Workstations - Standing Desk, Sit-Stand Desk, Stand-up Desk, Sit to Stand Desk

These versatile desks with height-adjustable work surfaces can function as standing desk, sit-stand desk, stand-up desk, conference table, or meeting room table to maximize your comfort and productivity, and deliver postural befits right to your workspace. Whether you are working from home or in a compact office space, you can alternate from seated to standing posture throughout the workday.

The power adjustable-height feature allows you to transition your posture from seated to standing height with the programmable digital 4 position memory controller. Pair with our many sit-to-stand or active seating options, such as Muvman, Kore, or Move that complement the height-adjustable work surface and experience a complete range of ergonomic benefits.

Ergonomists and health experts recommend standing for 15 minutes every hour to invigorate the mind and body. Frequent standing reduces fatigue, minimizes injury, and improves long-term health. Standing three hours a day burns an extra 750 calories each week.

Thinking of height-adjustable work options? If you are visiting Chicago or live in the Chicago metropolitan area, visit our Healthy Posture Store showroom located in Lincoln Square today! We are here to help you. Try our height-adjustable desk with a standing desk chair or other sit stand seating options to find the right fit for you!

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