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Executive Chairs

Executive Office Chair

We specialize in personalized executive chairs that boast optimal and customizable support for your back and lumbar, arms, and head and neck. Judging purely on looks, many high end executive chairs appear to be the perfect fit for your executive suite. However, appearances can be deceiving. How well would these chairs fare if we judged purely based on comfort? An ideal executive chair should be adjustable to fit your needs, provide comfort and support throughout long periods of sitting, a key feature which many executive chairs unfortunately lack.

Our executive office chairs offer adjustable lumbar support and thoracic support (upper back) with a unique air pump functionality, so you can personalize the precise level of support needed for your back comfort. Each chair additionally features height adjustable, swiveling, and sliding armrests, so that you can adjust the angle and closeness of the arms to your body, taking your computer use to a whole new comfort level. You will never have to worry about awkward arm rests that don’t fit your body again! Our high back executive chair features a patented adjustable headrest that has three pivot points with seven inches of vertical and horizontal adjustment for maximum adjustability. Find the perfect angle to rest your head, whether you are sitting upright or reclining and relaxing.

The adjustability and customization does not stop there! You can further customize the seat with six (6) seat sizes and four (4) backrest heights of the executive chairs, so that you can experience the ideal balance of comfort and back support whether you are a big, tall or petite user. We additionally offer genuine leather options for a more luxurious experience.

Invest in premium executive office chair, and transform your cubicle, work space, or home office into your personal executive office suite. Visit our showroom located in Chicago, IL to try out and find the best executive office chair for you. We offer several top-rated floor pieces at a sale price with deep discount, so stop by today! We will work with you to find executive style office chair that not only fits your needs, but also your budget.

Invest in an ergonomically designed executive office chair, and transform your cubicle, work space, or home office into an executive office suite. Frequently, prolonged periods of sitting can lead to lower back and neck pain. A customized executive office chair is the ergonomic solution that can be seamlessly implemented into your work routine and work station for all day pain relief and comfort, so you can work pain-free with improved attentiveness and productivity.

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