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Turmeric for Back Pain: Does Curcumin Help Sciatica & Herniated Discs?


For thousands of years, turmeric maintained prominence in Ayurvedic medicine, one of the oldest practices in the world. The concept of using natural herbs and spices for their healing properties is not a new one. With so many options available, which medicinal herbs are the best?

Curcuma longa is a species of ginger originating in Southeast Asia, which contains the powerful turmeric ... Learn more...

Ergonomics on the Go: Vehicle and Car Desks for Your Mobile Office

In-car offices are trending with working professionals who make customer and project visits. Converting car and truck cab space into workstations is easy.As modern societies inch toward driverless vehicles, another part of the car experience is a step ahead of that. It’s how our cars have become mobile offices, which is evident in several ways [...]

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How To Shop for Best Ergo Office Chair on a $200-$300 Budget

With myriad ergonomic office chairs available, many factors must be considered in choosing the right Ergo Office Chair on a $200-$300 Budget. Buying an ergonomic office chair does not have to be an expensive investment. While higher price tags may offer more luxurious features and more customizability options, shopping on a budget does not mean you [...]

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Tiny Apartments, Home Offices: Tight Spaces Call for Adjustable Desks

Shrinking apartments and tiny homes require creativity in work from home offices. Furniture that transforms – like stand-up desks – make it work. In Chicagoland, the average studio apartment measures 466 square feet. But developments in New York, Seattle, and San Francisco are testing the demand for micro-units. These are as small as ... Learn more...

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Experience More Standing Desk Benefits with Active Standing Tools

Research shows health and productivity benefits from the ergonomics of stand up desks. Accessories optimize the practice and avoid the downside of standing up. The sit-stand desk is past the point of being a novelty.  Learn more...

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Why Shop Healthy Posture Store For All Your Ergonomic Office Needs?

The Healthy Posture Store is a family owned business located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago, IL that specializes in ergonomic office furniture and accessories designed to improve your posture, productivity, and overall well being. Learn more...

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Practical Approach to Make Work from Home Office More Ergonomic

In recent years, more and more companies and employers have begun integrating telecommuting options, more commonly referred to as “work from home,” into the workplace. According to Global Workplace Analytics the percentage of employees working from home has increased by nearly two fold over the past decade. Learn more...

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Heavy Backpacks Can Spell Chronic Back Pain for Children

My 11-year-old grandsons, Stefan and Tomas, weigh about 80 pounds each. On the 20-minute walk to their middle school and the uphill walk home, they carry backpacks that weigh Learn more...

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Walk This Way for Osteoarthritis Relief

Walk This Way for Osteoarthritis ReliefWalking is something you learned to do before you were out of diapers, but learning a new way to walk decades later could be a step in the right direction if you have osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. Learn more...

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What Kind of Arthritis Is Ankylosing Spondylitis?

What Kind of Arthritis Is Ankylosing Spondylitis?Spotting differences between ankylosing spondylitis and other forms of arthritis is key to early detection and treatment. Learn more...

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