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Practical Approach to Make Work from Home Office More Ergonomic

Practical Approach to Make Work from Home Office More Ergonomic

In recent years, more Chicagoland companies and employers have begun offering employees telecommuting or work from home options. Despite the added convenience factor, many home workstations are not well equipped with appropriate ergonomic home office that provide the optimal work environment, and back and lumbar support that your body deserves while working long hours.

According to Global Workplace Analytics the percentage of employees working from home has increased by nearly two fold over the past decade. In fact, Forbes has reported that employees who have this option experience higher levels of productivity and increased work satisfaction, along with an improved work life balance. However, the convenience of telecommuting often comes at the expense of your health.

Don’t settle for your kitchen or dining room table and chairs or living room furniture as your work station. Here are 4 practical approaches to setting up and making your small office space efficient and ergonomically styled for your next work from home day.


Incorporate ergonomic office furniture that is compatible with your work type and body type. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a “best” office desk, office chair, or chair/desk setup. In fact, the “best” one is the one that optimizes your personal comfort, back health, posture, and productivity.

If your work requires you to be seated for long hours each day, investing in a height adjustable desk or standing desk convert is a must! Height adjustable desks, also known as standing desks or sit-stand desks, allow you the flexibility to alternate between standing and seated positions throughout the day. Research has proven that changing your posture and incorporating standing intermittently throughout your work day can not only help you burn more calories, but also improve posture, alleviate back pain, and even decrease your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic health problems.


When you are seated, it is imperative to sit in an ergonomically designed chair that provides the proper support and comfort your body deserves. How can you be assured that you are sitting in a proper ergonomic office chair? An ergonomic office chair is one that is adjustable and customized for your comfort and personal needs so you can sit and work comfortably for long hours. It provides support to your spine, lumbar region, arms, and legs , and can do wonders for your posture, productivity, and overall health by preventing injuries and alleviating back pain.

Alternatively, if you are switching positions and moving around more frequently, a sit to stand stool may be better suited for your needs, as it would provide standing, perching, and leaning seat support. Additionally, the uniquely designed swivel wobble base and tilting features would encourage active sitting and provide you with an unlimited range of motion.


Measuring your work space, as well as the dimensions of any existing computer desks that you intend to keep. This will allow you to appropriately implement additional ergonomic office furniture, and configure your personalized computer workstation.


Visit a local ergonomic office furniture retailer to try out and shop for office chairs, active sitting stools, height adjustable standing desks, and various chair/desk setups. Purchasing ergonomic office furniture is an investment, just like buying a car, and you would never purchase a car without taking it for a test drive. Similarly, you should never purchase ergonomic office furniture, especially for your home office, without trying it out first hand.

If you are in the Chicago or Chicago Metropolitan area, visit the Healthy Posture Store for personalized assessment and consultation. Their specialized staff can help you make an informed decision so you can take your first step towards a healthier workspace.

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