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Thoracic Lumbar Back Support by OPTP

Thoracic Lumbar Back Support by OPTP

OPTP 240
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The OPTP Thoracic Lumbar Back Support provides effortless posture therapy while using in auto or chair. It improves sitting posture and reduces stress to the neck, shoulder and back.

Therapeutic Dual Back Support System - Thoracic Lumbar Support design promotes proper postural alignment; back should have “S” curve, consisting of three natural spine curves: cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back), and lumbar (lower back). With proper posture, the head should rest directly over the shoulders in the body’s center of gravity so that you could draw a straight line from the ear through the shoulder to the hip to the ankle.

Thoracic Lumbar Support promotes a healthy upright sitting posture. Proper use of this system relieves and prevents lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, wrist pain, hand pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • • Encourages a neutral shoulders positioning, which also opens up the chest.
  • • Achieve proper diaphragmatic breathing; one of the most important health issue
  • • Supports and aligns the thoracic spine.
  • • Corrects the positioning of the lumbar spine by supporting a healthy lumbar lordosis.
  • • Corrects sitting posture of driving - forward head posture

Learn more about Healthy Posture:

Did you know that bad posture can cause fatigue? - Click to learn more
Bad posture can lead to number of ailments, including lack of energy, pain, reduced breathing, poor appearance and lower immunity
(by Dr. Guy Bahar at the Posture Clinic)

Why Sitting Up Straight Makes You Feel Better - Click to learn more
In 1992, a study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrated a progressive increase in the rate of depression worldwide over the previous 50 years. At the same time, the straight back and upright posture has gone rapidly out of fashion.
(psychCentral by Catherine Dowling)

Anxiety & Posture - Click to learn more
Most people neglect correct posture and on the whole never experience any negative effects until quite late in life, back ache and neck pain being the most common of these. If a person with high anxiety also suffers with incorrect posture, this can have a profound effect on the intensity of their anxiety symptoms. I have already discussed that breathing is one of the most important factors in the Holy Grail of anxiety disorders. If you correct breathing patterns and anxiety levels will fall… it’s not the CURE but it is an enormous help!
(by Charles Linden)

The unique "upside-down T" design of the Thoracic Lumbar Back Support is recommended for offices, cars, semi trucks, classrooms, couches, airplanes, buses, tractors, construction equipment, theatres, sports arenas/stadiums, and anywhere else people sit for extended periods. Constructed of high-quality foam with a removable, washable Polartec®cover and adjustable elastic strap.


  • Measures 18"H x 14"W x 2"D
  • Vertical thoracic pad is 5½"W

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